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Enjoy the grace of the Sea of ​​Japan and the Earth

Fresh sea food in the Sea of ​​Japan.
A mountain covered with nature and human hands.
Please enjoy various seasonal tastes throughout the four seasons.
  • About breakfast buffet style measures

    ·The staff will serve some of the dishes, making the dishes as individual as possible.
    ·Dedicated tongs for each person.
    ·We will prepare a space that maintains a distance.
    ·Please wear a mask when you enter, when you stand up and when you leave.
  • Japanese seafood dishes

    The sea which is also the source of our lives.
    Please enjoy the truly live seafood awarded to us from the Sea of ​​Japan.
  • Western fresh material

    The taste of the ocean to taste in the place surrounded by mountains and the sea.
    Please fully enjoy the taste bred by nature and human hands.
  • Food ingredients of Itoigawa blessed with mountains

    【Nanban shrimp】
    Fresh fresh shrimp taken from the Sea of ​​Japan is a specialty of Itoigawa.
    Please enjoy the freshest sweet shrimp with HOTEL KUNITOMI ANNEX near the sea.

    Koshihikari from Itoigawa of Koshihikari from Itoigawa, which is strictly cold in day and night, suitable for making rice, has Koshi and Tsuya, cooks sweet and plump rice.

    【Kubiki Beef】
    It was brought up lovingly and carefully by the hands of production farmers who cleared the strict standards."Township of Deep Snow:Kubiki Beef"