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Enjoy the grace of the Sea of ​​Japan and the Earth

  • Our standard using seasonal ingredients

    You can see from the window of the Japanese-style room is the mountains of Himekawa River clear stream and North Alps.
    The contrast between a blue sky and a white cloud that can escape.
    Hot springs self-indignant from 1,300 meters underground are high temperature / good quality, hot water is also abundant natural hot spring with 1,500 liters per minute.Please enjoy the tiredness of the trip with an open outdoor bath and enjoy the taste of the season.

    【Dinner menu example】
    ◇Today's fresh fish directly from the market
    ◇Cold dish: Red snow crab jelly 
    ◇Meat dish: Japanese black beef teppanyaki

    * Food image is an image.
    *Ingredients and menus are subject to change depending on the season and availability.
    * For continuous lodging, it will be a separate menu.
  • Enjoy “Kuroge Wagyu Steak” x “Crab” meat and seafood

    If you want to eat both meat and crab, this is plan.
    Enjoy luxurious sashimi, crab, and meat.
    The main course is Kuroge Wagyu beef as a steak!

    【Dinner menu example】
    ◇Freshly delivered to the market today
    ◇Fire item - Snow crab made in sukiyaki pot
    ◇Fish dish Steamed Hilgendorf and red snow crab
    ◇Appetizer: Niigata Wagyu beef with Chinese cabbage mille-feuille
    ◇Meat dishes Low-temperature cooking of Kuroge Wagyu beef

    *The image is an image.
    *Depending on the purchase situation, there may be changes in ingredients / menus.
  • Cooking photo gallery

    Fresh sea food in the Sea of ​​Japan.
    A mountain covered with nature and human hands.
    Please enjoy various seasonal tastes throughout the four seasons.