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  2. About corona measures

About corona measures

  • 【Facility measures】
    ·Employees measure the temperature every day and strive to manage their physical condition.
    ·Employees wear masks.
    ·The facility is regularly disinfected and cleaned.
    ·The used guest rooms are wiped and cleaned with alcohol.
    ·Rubbing alcohol is installed in various places in this facility.
    ·Splash prevention measures are taken at the front desk and shop counter.
    ·At the front counter, the waiting position for lining up is set.
    ·There is a limit on the maximum number of nights.(About 50% when the room is full)
    ·The banquet will be laid out with plenty of room.
    ·In the case of buffet, tongs will be prepared for each customer.

    【Measures to cooperate with customers】
    ·Upon arrival, we will measure the temperature of the customer.
    ·In addition to the temperature measurement, you will be required to disinfect your hands with alcohol.
    ·Please wear a mask in this facility.
    ·We ask for a modest conversation within the facility, especially in shared spaces.