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Surrounding tourism

  • Road Station Marine Dream No

    • Niigata Prefecture Itoigawa City Nosei, “The Sea of Japan Road Station” is packed with the blessings of the sea

      No Fishing Port can choose and buy fresh snow crab harvested at No Fishing Port and eat it on the spot.
      The biggest seaside crab direct sales place on the Sea of Japan side.
      Nine direct sales offices are lined up to sell delicious crabs.

      3596-2 Kodomari, Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture, TEL.025-566-3456
      ※30 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Fresh fish center

      Fresh fish center lined with seafood from the Sea of Japan, landed at the local No Fishing Port.
      Bake on the spot, Hamaki is only delicious here.
  • Fossa Magna Museum

    • A museum where you can learn about jade and Fossa Magna happily

      Itoigawa Unesco Information dissemination base of Itoigawa Unesco Global Geopark.
      You can learn the history of the Itoigawa earth through the video and touchable exhibits.

      1313 Ichinomiya, Itoigawa, Niigata Prefecture, TEL.025-553-1880
      ※10 minutes by car from the hotel
    • exhibition room

      Fossa Magna is the rift of the earth when the Japanese archipelago was born.
      After the dinosaur era, which was still a continent, the Japanese archipelago was torn from the Asian continent and gradually changed into its current shape. Discovered by German geologist Dr. Naumann, Fossa Magna reveals the secrets of the birth of the Japanese archipelago.
  • Jade coast

    • In search of jade···

      Itoigawa River has a beach that is surrounded by stones, not sandy beaches.
      Himekawa is said that the Kotaki River Hisui-kyo is located in the Kotaki River Hisui-kyo branch of Himekawa, and Kotaki River Hisui-kyo Kotaki Mt that flowed from here will reach the shore.
      If you are lucky you may find jade.

      To make memories☆The point of looking for jade
      *Look for a whiteish stone.
      *Heavy than other whiteish stones.
      *The surface is smooth and square.
      *You can see crystals like Ajinomoto.

      Itoigawa Coast(Popular name:Jade coast)
      Access:Itoigawa City Oshiage
      ※10 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Jade coast

  • Ski Resort

    • CharMant Hiuchi Snow Resort

      Nature intact, Powerful non-snowy area

      High quality snow quality for rich snow cover.
      While overlooking the Sea of ​​Japan, you can enjoy the ultimate powder of a vast non-snowy area with a single lift.
      Ideal for pole training in the spring.
      The spring topography can be played just like a natural park.

      1821 Nishihiyama, Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture, TEL.025-568-2244
      ※50 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Seaside Valley Ski Resort

      A ski resort where you can see the sea from the slopes on a sunny day

      The panorama of the snowy field and the sea on the northern slope is the best.
      Down hill while watching Mt Amakazari mountain in Japan 's famous mountain.
      Recommended for families and advanced players.
      When Bambi Lift exclusive for Sori appears on the first slope, it is popular among children.

      151-1 Yamaguchi, Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture, TEL.025-558-2244
      ※15 minutes by car from the hotel
  • Hisuien Garden, Gyokusuien Garden·Tanimura Art Museum

    • Hisuien Garden

      Hisuien Garden is a Japanese garden where you can walk around the garden created by the gardener Kinsuke Kinsaku Nakane.
      Inside the park, there is a Yusui Art Museum where jade art sculptures can be viewed closely.

      2-11-1 Rendaiji, Itoigawa, Niigata Prefecture, TEL.025-552-9277
      ※10 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Gyokusuien Garden·Tanimura Art Museum

      The Tanimura Art Museum in which the Buddha statue sculpture of Seiko Sawada, a leading figure in wood carving art, is housed in a building designed by Togo Murano, the highest peak in the architectural world.
      The Japanese garden that I enjoy seeing and Gyokusuien Garden are in the same place, and I can spend a calm time with a jade table.

      2-1-13 Kyogamine, Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture, TEL.025-552-9277
      ※15 minutes by car from the hotel