Himekawa hot spring inn on the shore of Himekawa

Relaxing hot water with high efficacy, Itoigawa Onsen.
The secret is fossil water 15 million years ago that springs from the fossa magna (meaning a large ditch) lying deep underground.
Outside the window of the guest room, the clear stream of Himekawa and a variety of views spread by season.
Enjoy fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan, mountain food grown by nature and human hands, and the taste of various seasons throughout the seasons.

jade-related spots

  • Oyashirazu Beach(Road Station Oyashirazu Pier Park)

    let's go looking for jade!!

    Itoigawa, there is a coastline with stones instead of sandy beaches.On the coast where various types of stones can be found, jade also flows, so you may encounter jade.

    Located in the Oyashirazu Pier Park roadside station, about a 5-minute drive from the Hokuriku Expressway Oyashirazu Interchange, this beach is home to restaurants and souvenir shops, and is visited by many tourists throughout the year.

  • Fossa Magna Museum

    A museum that exhibits various rocks and minerals, including the prefectural stone "Jade".You can learn about the formation of the Japanese archipelago by visiting the six permanent exhibition rooms in this facility.
  • Kotaki River Hisui-kyo

    It is the only jade production area in Japan that is designated as a national natural monument.The jade stones here are naturally crushed by the clear waters of the river and wash up on the coast down the Himekawa River.

congratulations!  Stone jade of Niigata Prefecture

  • congratulations! "Jade" was designated as the stone of Niigata Prefecture.

    In February 2022, a petition with more than 42,000 signatures was submitted to Niigata Prefecture by the Association for Making Jade the Stone of Niigata Prefecture, requesting that jade be designated as the stone of Niigata Prefecture.As a result of deliberation by the review committee established in response to this, jade was designated as the stone of Niigata Prefecture on November 4, 2022.
    Jade is a gem that has been distributed throughout the country since ancient times as a decorative item such as magatama.Japan's jade culture, which has been cultivated mainly in Itoigawa, boasts the world's oldest history.The story of the birth of jade dates back to about 500 million years ago, long before the formation of the Japanese archipelago, and it is a symbol that connects the land of Japan, which is located in a mobile zone, and the eternal culture that has taken root there.

Hotel Facilities

  • 【lobby】

    The ceiling of the colonnade creates a space full of openness.
  • 【Dining】

    Main dining "La Palette"
    From the live kitchen, a spilling sound and a relaxing space drifting aroma.
    Please enjoy a different luxury time than usual.
  • 【Private room in the dining room】

    We will correspond to small groups such as family.
    Please spend relaxingly forgetting the time with rich cooking.
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