Himekawa hot spring inn on the shore of Himekawa

Relaxing hot water with high efficacy, Itoigawa Onsen.
The secret is fossil water 15 million years ago that springs from the fossa magna (meaning a large ditch) lying deep underground.
Outside the window of the guest room, the clear stream of Himekawa and a variety of views spread by season.
Enjoy fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan, mountain food grown by nature and human hands, and the taste of various seasons throughout the seasons.

"Useful! Niigata Prefectural Discount Campaign" Notice of suspension of new reservations

  • "Useful! Niigata Prefectural Discount Campaign]

    Due to the rapid spread of infection by Omicron strains nationwide and the rapid increase in the number of newly infected people in the prefecture, "Useful!" We will stop making new reservations for the Niigata Prefectural Discount Campaign.

    ※Discounts will continue to apply for trips or accommodations booked by the above dates and times, and regional coupons will continue to be available.

    If you come from outside the prefecture, please cooperate in preventing the spread of infection, such as undergoing an inspection at your place of residence.

    ※For more information, please check the official website of the Niigata Prefectural Discount Campaign.

Accommodation plan information

  • Seaside Valley Ski Resort◆Next day lift with 1 day ticket◆After hot springs too!

    About 15 minutes by car from the hotel!
    Seaside Valley Ski Resort is a plan with a lift ticket of the Seaside Valley Ski Resort.
    Bathing after using the ski resort is also a service!
    Soak in the hot springs, heal your body and enjoy the winter season.

    *The 1-day lift ticket is the next day of stay.
    *We will give you a lift ticket voucher at the front desk.Please present at the ticket office.
    *For adults and elementary school students.
    *There is no lift ticket for an infant's customer, please purchase it locally.

Accommodation plan information

  • "5 kinds of sashimi" "Carefully selected domestic beef shabu-shabu" -Colored kaiseki cuisine-

    ◆- Hospitality with seasonal ingredients that are particular about the ingredients of Itoigawa -◆

    course is "5 kinds of sashimi" and "Shabu-shabu of carefully selected domestic beef".
    Enjoy the ingredients of the Sea of Japan and the North Alps

    【Dinner menu example】 
    ◇Directly from the Zuri Market Today's 5 kinds of fresh fish
    ◇Fire thing Shabu-shabu of carefully selected domestic sirloin
    ◇Steamed fish Hilgendorf and abalone with salt

    * Food image is an image.
    *Depending on the purchase situation, there may be changes in ingredients / menus.

How to enjoy Itoigawa

  • Find Hisui!

    Many of the various stones found on the coast were born in the mountains of Itoigawa and have been washed down the river over the years.Jade tributary Kotaki Mt of Himekawa you can see from the facility of the Japanese-style room has a flow from Himekawa from Kotaki Mt there is a rough jade, and to the coast over the same as in years with other stone I will arrive.If you are lucky, you may be able to discover "jade".

    Itoigawa Coast(Popular name:Jade coast)
    Access:Itoigawa City Oshiage
    ※10 minutes by car from the hotel

Coronavirus infection control measures

  • Coronavirus infection control measures

    Thank you for your patronage.
    HOTEL KUNITOMI ANNEX is taking measures for the health and safety of customers and employees, in consideration of the spread of infection by the new coronavirus.
    We kindly ask you to check the temperature at the time of check-in, wear a mask, and use the antiseptic solution provided at various places inside the hotel.
    We kindly ask for your continued cooperation.

Etiquette for a new trip

  • Etiquette for a new trip

    Everything you need to travel with peace of mind
    It is summarized as "New Travel Etiquette".
    We kindly ask you to take a look.

    With this "new travel etiquette" during your trip
    Please enjoy yourself and your surroundings safely.

Hotel Facilities

  • 【lobby】

    The ceiling of the colonnade creates a space full of openness.
  • 【Dining】

    Main dining "La Palette"
    From the live kitchen, a spilling sound and a relaxing space drifting aroma.
    Please enjoy a different luxury time than usual.
  • 【Private room in the dining room】

    We will correspond to small groups such as family.
    Please spend relaxingly forgetting the time with rich cooking.
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Hotel wedding


    According to the wishes of the bride and groom
    We have prepared three plan.
    Please choose according to the scene.

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