■Information on closed days in February■
Thank you for your patronage.We will be closed on 2/28 and 2/29 due to maintenance.Day-trip hot springs cannot be used on the same day.Thank you for your cooperation.


Himekawa hot spring inn on the shore of Himekawa

Relaxing hot water with high efficacy, Itoigawa Onsen.
The secret is fossil water 15 million years ago that springs from the fossa magna (meaning a large ditch) lying deep underground.
Outside the window of the guest room, the clear stream of Himekawa and a variety of views spread by season.
Enjoy fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan, mountain food grown by nature and human hands, and the taste of various seasons throughout the seasons.

〒941-0071 298-1 Ono, Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture
TEL025-550-1000 FAX025-550-1010
Check-in 15:00/Check out 10:00

weekend! Hotel dinner buffet!

  • 【2 Meals Included】Weekend trip! Buffet Dinner◇Enjoy the winter scenery overlooking Himekawa and the hot springs

    From February to March, this is a weekend dinner buffet plan only for dates!
    Please enjoy a fun dinner time with your family and friends.

    【dinner menu】
    Content:All-you-can-eat nigiri raw sushi and domestic Japanese black beef stew steak!
    A slightly luxurious buffet of 30 types
    *The image is an image.

    "Itoigawa" is located in the westernmost part of Niigata prefecture, access to Toyama prefecture and Nagano prefecture is very good.
    There are leisure spots such as snowboarding and Seaside Valley Ski Resort ski resort (Seaside Valley Ski Resort) that are neither too far nor too close. Why do not you enjoy your Itoigawa Onsen as a sightseeing base with a little extra legs?

Chef's Recommendation!

  • Red sea bream flavor shabu + steamed red snow crab shell + Japanese black beef stew

    Chef's Recommendation! Hospitality with seasonal ingredients.
    Enjoy the ingredients of the Sea of Japan and the North Alps

    【Dinner menu example】
    ◇Today's fresh fish directly from the market
    ◇Fire dish Red sea bream flavor shabu-shabu
    ◇Fish dish: Red snow crab shell steamed with cherry blossoms
    ◇Meat dish Beef stew of Japanese black beef

    *The image is an image.
    *The menu will change depending on the season and purchasing status.

Our recommended plan

  • Enjoy red snow crab! Local Gourmet"Special crab kaiseki cuisine]

    The crimson crab crab lives in the deep sea more than a common book sween crab and it is called red cray crab, because it has a red color before boiling.It is a crab with a rich sweetness, and it is characterized by its thin flesh that is easy to remove and easy to eat.
    You can enjoy a different taste than this sweet crab and it is a specialty that is eaten locally as well.

    【Dinner menu example】
    ◇Red snow crab and sea urchin with tip
    ◇Hot pot of red snow crab
    ◇Fish dish Steamed steamed Hilgendorf and red snow crab
    ◇Meat dish Murakami beef and Yukiguni Maitake mushroom wrapped and steamed

    *The image is an image.
    *The menu will change depending on the season and purchasing status.

jade-related spots

  • Oyashirazu Beach(Road Station Oyashirazu Pier Park)

    let's go looking for jade!!

    Itoigawa, there is a coastline with stones instead of sandy beaches.On the coast where various types of stones can be found, jade also flows, so you may encounter jade.

    Located in the Oyashirazu Pier Park roadside station, about a 5-minute drive from the Hokuriku Expressway Oyashirazu Interchange, this beach is home to restaurants and souvenir shops, and is visited by many tourists throughout the year.

  • Fossa Magna Museum

    A museum that exhibits various rocks and minerals, including the prefectural stone "Jade".You can learn about the formation of the Japanese archipelago by visiting the six permanent exhibition rooms in this facility.

Hotel Facilities

  • Hisui-no-yu /Heated Pool

    ■The Pyramid

    Available all year round.After swimming, refresh yourself in the hot springs.
    ※Children must be accompanied by a guardian.

    Guest usage fee:Adult/Child 500 yen
    Reception:2F front desk

    The museum may be closed for maintenance.
    Contact us “Kua Resort Hisui-no-yu” TEL 025-553-2222
  • 【lobby】

    The ceiling of the colonnade creates a space full of openness.
  • 【Dining】

    Main dining "La Palette"
    From the live kitchen, a spilling sound and a relaxing space drifting aroma.
    Please enjoy a different luxury time than usual.
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Job Information

  • Would you like to work at Itoigawa Onsen HOTEL KUNITOMI ANNEX?

    We are looking for staff to work with us at this facility.

    The purpose of working at a hotel is very simple.
    That is to make our customers happy.
    This is a workplace where you can do a fulfilling job as long as you have the heart to value fun and happy feelings.
    If you are interested, please apply by phone.

    We also welcome company tours at any time, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.