Himekawa hot spring inn on the shore of Himekawa

Relaxing hot water with high efficacy, Itoigawa Onsen.
The secret is fossil water 15 million years ago that springs from the fossa magna (meaning a large ditch) lying deep underground.
Outside the window of the guest room, the clear stream of Himekawa and a variety of views spread by season.
Enjoy fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan, mountain food grown by nature and human hands, and the taste of various seasons throughout the seasons.


  • Stone town, Itoigawa

    Looking for your own stone

    Various stones that color Itoigawa.
    There are numerous stories lurking there.
    The legend of Nunakawa-hime over jade.
    A Geopark created by the history of the earth.
    And rich food and hot springs.
    What kind of stone do you meet?
    Now only one story begins.
  • Gyokusuien Garden·Tanimura Art Museum

    Fall garden light up

    This year, the autumn garden light-up will be held at Gyokusuien Garden and Tanimura Art Museum of Tanimura Art Museum!
    Why don't you take a look at the garden at night, which is completely different from the daytime?

    Period, November 8(Money)~ November 17 (Day)
    17:00 to 19:30 (Last admission 19:00)

    2-1-13 Kyogamine, Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture, TEL.025-552-9277
    ※15 minutes by car from the hotel
  • Joetsu City Aquarium, Umigatari

    White dolphin fan time

    The white dolphin commentary event “Shiro Dolphin Lecture” by the keeper is renewed to commemorate the 1st anniversary!
    Underwater presentation by divers and white dolphins has been added, and it has been reborn as “White Dolphin Fun Time”!

    2-15-15 Gochi, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, TEL.025-543-2449
    ※About 60 minutes by car from the hotel

Hotel Facilities

  • 【lobby】

    The ceiling of the colonnade creates a space full of openness.
    In the middle of the lobby, there is also a living tree of happiness, "Lime Tree".
  • 【Dining】

    Main dining "La Palette"
    From the live kitchen, a spilling sound and a relaxing space drifting aroma.
    Please enjoy a different luxury time than usual.
  • 【Private room in the dining room】

    We will correspond to small groups such as family.
    Please spend relaxingly forgetting the time with rich cooking.
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Hotel wedding


    According to the wishes of the bride and groom
    We have prepared three plan.
    Please choose according to the scene.

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